SIM card & eUICC testing

            MNOs wishing to deploy secure SIM or embedded SIM solutions are looking for state-of-the art secure elements. Being able to demonstrate that your product has achieved the qualifications necessary in the telecoms and M2M industry is key to your competitive advantage. To do this you need a conveniently located, fully accredited third-party lab that can provide a full range of test services with the flexibility to ensure product readiness and the shortest time to market.

            ​Comprehensive SIM Card and eUICC testing portfolio

            Fime Laboratory is accredited by the major certification schemes in the telecoms and payment markets. Its test premises located across the world provide the highest quality recognized by international accreditation bodies.

            Fime’s active involvement in standardization makes it a trusted partner to support you towards the qualification of your SIM card.

            Fime unique portfolio encompasses a wide range of test services for functional safety and security from electrical testing up to the application level, dedicated to the SIM card and eUICC. 

            Fime offers many types of services:

            • In-housetest services where Fime’s experts come to your premises to support you during testing

            • Debug sessions where thorough testing and analysis is performed in any of Fime test centers

            • Type approval sessions to achieve the qualified status of your secure element.


            ​What Fime can do for you

            ● You are a SIM or eUICC manufacturer

            Thanks to our expertise in secure elements and our flexibly run laboratories, Fime will support the launch of your new SIM to market and save you time and money, by validating that your product meets MNO requirements.

            ● You are a mobile network operator

            Mobile network operators want the guarantee that their SIM cards will work as expected in their specific markets and according to their specific requirements. Fime offers supplementary SIM testing to guarantee high quality service delivery to the MNO. Fime can complement manufacturer tests where these are not sufficient and Fime can also define additional specific tests for MNOs, where needed by local requirements.

            Fime can also support you in all BAP (ready to personalize) process steps, from personalization profile definition to SIM card validation, including cardlets.

            Sim Card & eUICC testing

            Fime is accredited by:  

            • 3GPP

            • GlobalPlatform qualified lab

            • GSMA

            Why choose Fime ?  

            • Speed-up your product approval

            • Achieve total compliance in one stop

            • Get thorough analysis from our experts

            • Find a lab near you with 7 locations across the world, 13 languages spoken

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