Open banking      

Deploy your open API projects quickly

New regulation has initiated the age of open banking, which is already transforming economies around the world. But it can be challenging to innovate in an industry where compliance, data privacy, security and fintech partnerships are essential.

Players need to be smart to remain competitive, balancing the cost of upgrade with the launch of new revenue streams.

Your challenges

  • Building an open banking API strategy for your region.

  • Supporting your region in creating a sustainable, profitable and high value open banking ecosystem.

  • Introducing a world-class quality, interoperable and high value API service to the market.

FIME solutions

  • Supporting the definition of your project to best meet your business, technical and regulatory challenges with expert consultancy services.

  • Offering unrivalled industry insights from our work to define the first open API testing framework with STET and participation in a number of open banking initiatives.

  • Providing a leading self-testing cloud-based platform and expert testing advisory services to automate and streamline open API testing.

Open banking


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