Validate the performance and security of biometric authentication solutions to guarantee a strong UX.

Biometric authentication use cases are growing rapidly, playing an increasing role in our daily life. Because of the uniqueness of individuals, several modalities can be used to identify the users such as fingerprint, facial, voice, iris, palm, and even behaviors.

Biometrics is considered essential to the realization of strong authentication (SCA) with different types of solutions: sensor on card, match on card, match on host, and biometrics on mobile.

The quality and performance of your biometric authentication solution is fundamental to a successful product launch.

Major business challenges

  • Demonstrating product performance during enrollment, acquiring, and the matching process.

  • Ensuring solutions identify attacks when presented with a spoof or false biometrics.

  • Defining a balanced, efficient and effective methodology to validate product quality.


FIME key benefits

  • Trusted test methodologies and testing services based on leading industry standards (ISO, payment networks, FIDO Alliance).

  • Customized service tailored to your business needs and solution types.

  • Experts able to define innovative new testing methods to improve efficiency.

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