Card and mobile personalization validation 


      Issuing debit and credit cards can be complex while confirming with EMV specifications as well as payment brands requirements.

      Personalization validation process aims at providing a high level of confidence in interoperability and consistent behavior of the issued cards on the field.

      Payment Network
      American Express
      ● Issuer Personalization Certification (IPC)
      ATH ● Card L3 Certification
      BancNet ● Chip Card Personalization validation (CCPV)
      ● Change notification (CN)
      ● Personalization Validation
      Debit Network Alliance (DNA)
      ● Personalization Validation
      Diners Club International

      ● Card personalization validation
      ● Card Profile Certification (CPC)
      ● Contrôle de la Personnalisation des Cartes
      JCB J/speedy & J/Smart
      ● Personalization verification test (PVT)
      ● CPV formal approval (M/Chip & MCBP)
      ● CNS (Change Notification Statement)
      ● IETED (Issuer End To End Demonstration)
      ● Personalization validation testing (PVT)
      ● Card Profile Analysis
      ● ChipV personalization validation
      Troy ● Card personalization validation
      Card Perso Data Validation
      UnionPay ● Card Perso Data Verification
      Visa ● Pre-validation of card profiles

      ​Prepare your payment brands certifications

      Every card project is different and each issuer needs a personalized support. In an issuing project, card personalization validation is a mandatory step that can be time consuming if not prepared with a good partner.

      Issuers need to prepare this task as they have to coordinate various stakeholders, after having selected card brand, card vendor and chip product. Issuers can face technical constraints with new payment brands requirements as well as new EMV mandates; inputs preparation is important.

      Fix your cards personalization within your schedule

      FIME is the worldwide leader in card personalization validation services and is accredited by major international and domestic payment networks to perform card personalization validation on their behalf.

      We have defined a clear process and guidance all the ways through the certification project to support you so that everything will fit your predefined schedule. We have the expertise to support you with the different stakeholders of your issuing project and FIME is always up to date with the latest specifications and mandates for each country. We are committed to provide you any type of support you may need and we always give clear guidance in errors correction.

      A high quality system of many cross-checks levels has been developed by FIME in coordination with the certification body.

      At the end of the certification, we provide a detailed report and after the project is closed we remain available for any information.

      We operate a worldwide on-demand service, so there is no need to book any timeslots. If you have an urgent deadline, let us know, we provide fast turnaround services.


      Why choose FIME?

      • FIME is accredited to perform personalization validation on behalf of American Express, ATH, BancNet, CrediBanco, Discover, DNA, eftpos, GIE-CB, JCB, Mastercard, NETS, Prosa, RuPay, Troy, UnionPay

      • Access to highly-qualified EMV and payment brands experts

      • Local expert teams around the globe to support you

      • Minimize deployment risk in certifications by taking advantage of FIME’s market-leading position for certification services

      • Accredited to perform certification on any types of platform (AEIPS, ChipV, CPA, D-PAS, J/Speedy,

      • J/Smart, M/Chip & MCBP, PURE, VIS, WISE, mobile)

      • Delivered according to pre-defined SLA which ensures TTM

      • High speed services: Reduces the validation SLA to 48hrs

      • Reduce the time and administration tasks necessary to complete card personalization validation

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