Issuer end-to-end demonstration (I-ETED) services  


      FIME’s Issuer End To End Demonstration (I-ETED) services are designed to ensure that an issuer’s production environment will interact correctly with new cards or a mobile payment application.

      ​Mastercard Issuer End to End Demonstration (I-ETED)

      FIME’s I-ETED is a set of tests performed in the production environment. It validates the acceptance of Mastercard branded cards in Mastercard certified terminals.

      You just need to provide production cards, which will be used to monitor transactions over the production environment generated from securely located POS and ATM terminals.

      If the Issuer ETED is performed within the context of a Mastercard Chip Implementation Project (CIP), the I-ETED takes place following successful completion of the corresponding Mastercard card personalisation validation (CPV).

      I-ETED can be performed as a certification service but also as a confidence testing service not linked to any certification process.

      ​Issuer-ETED project scope

      The scope of your I-ETED project may vary depending on the card to be tested and your test requirements.

      • Testing is limited to a maximum of 3 (three) BINs per I-ETED.

      • Testing may require several iterations before successful completion.

      • Contact and contactless interfaces are tested separately, so a dual interface card is treated as two tests.

      • Testing can be extended with optional tests: Exceed ATM withdrawal Limit and PIN Try Counter verification.

      ​Initiating an I-ETED project

      In many cases I-ETED is a mandatory requirement for chip migration projects. Contact your Mastercard project manager to:

      • confirm whether you must perform I-ETED to initiate your I-ETED project

      • obtain the shipping address for your production cards the be used in the I-ETED project.

      FIME operates the I-ETED test process on behalf of Mastercard. To book your I-ETED test project please contact FIME.


      Key benefits

      • Tests are performed with live cards on production POS and ATM terminals

      • Transactions are monitored across a real-time authorization network

      • FIME is the only service provider for I-ETED

      • Dedicated expert teams perform validation tests

      • Easy-to-book timeslots for certification

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