Card profile definition

Card profile definition support from FIME

Card profile  preparation is not a trivial task. Issuers wanting to issue a new card scheme branded product must take into account the scheme’s requirements and EMV specifications which offer thousands of possible combinations for personalizing card settings. Their challenge is to select a card profile that meets their needs (and constraints) and is compliant with the latest rules defined by the scheme so that it passes card certification. FIME experts can help.

​Meeting issuer and payment scheme needs

Thanks to its expertise in EMV and major international and domestic payment schemes product certification, FIME offers multiple services to provide cost effective support to issuers all the way from profile selection to certification, meaning a faster time to market. This covers defining business requirements, ensuring consistency and compliance of data and selecting the most suitable profile.

​FIME makes preparing for formal certification painless

Once the profile is selected, FIME helps the issuer to prepare the required inputs for Card Personalization Validation (CPV) certification using the relevant profile. If needed, FIME can also provide a pre-approval service before final CPV certification.

FIME’s Profile Definition service aids compliance
Card personalization certification is a mandatory step in any EMV issuance, be it for an international payment scheme or a local debit scheme. It is often seen as a potential roadblock for issuers as what should be straightforward can quickly become time and budget consuming. There are many parties are involved in the production of an EMV plastic card, and any miscommunication between one party and another will lead to a change in the card personalization profile, unwanted card behaviors and maybe even to failing certification. FIME’s Profile Definition service will ensure that the card both passes certification and stays compatible with the original business requirements and issuer environment.

  Card profile definition service

The card profile definition service brings a simple and reliable way for issuers to produce a card that matches their specific business needs. It offers independency from card manufacturers who will often propose a « from the shelf » product.

Key benefits

  • Issuers control the use of their card profile while benefitting from support from FIME

  • No need to engage an expensive third-party bureau

  • Fast access to FIME’s extensive card profile expertise

  • FIME guarantees high-speed consulting + Card Personalization Validation test service turnaround, meaning you meet your deadlines

  • Cost-effective solutions for issuer Card Personalization Validation projects with offsite option and the ability to prioritize Card Personalization Validation at reduced cost.

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