T erminal integration testing

FIME cuts through the challenge of preparing for terminal integration certification   

The Terminal Integration Testing simplifies the production of test results required to pass payment network certification. It provides fast, straight-forward and cost effective solution for outsourcing your certification test project.

Flexible delivery options allow for your project to be conducted remotely or on-site according to your needs. A FIME EMV test consultant will conduct the project from start to finish.

Preparing for terminal integration certification

The planning and execution of a certification test project for brand terminal integration can be challenging for test managers, especially when multi-brand acceptance is required. 
The key challenges are to:

  • Find the EMV certification test expertise needed to perform the project efficiently

  • Evaluate brand technical/process requirements and assemble the correct test tools

  • Configure the network-terminal test environment, fix the test plan and run tests

  • Diagnose the cause of errors and who is responsible for fixing them

  • Format the results to submit into the brand certification process

You can cut through these challenges smoothly by using FIME Technical Services.

​Simplify your test project in one easy step

Outsourcing your project to FIME means one less complex task to worry about on your project timeline. Compared to an in-house project, outsourcing can save time and money by reducing staff resourcing and training costs and can minimize the risk of missing production deadlines.

FIME provides a complete service for brand certification testing that typically reduces the time of a brand test to less than one week for one terminal interface.  

For this service:

  • Our test consultants are experts in certification testing – expertise gained from practice

  • We bring the tools to conduct the testing and we help you set up the test environment

  • We analyse the issues and advise you what needs to be fixed

  • We help to prepare the final test results for submission into certification

Booking a test session is quick and easy, we guide you through from start to finish. 

Terminal integration testing 

Key Benefits  

  • Simple, cost effective project outsourcing

  • High speed project completion

  • Support provided for Brand processes

  • Flexible delivery options

    • Remote Support test service

    • Off-site test service

    • On-site test service

  • Worldwide EMV expertise centers

  • Trusted EMV test expertise

    • American Express

    • ATH

    • BancNet

    • eftpos

    • Diners Club International

    • Discover Network

    • JCB

    • Mastercard

    • Pulse

    • Troy

    • RuPay

    • UnionPay

    • Visa

  • All terminal types supported

    • POS & Mobile POS

    • ATM

    • BBT

    • CAT

  • All interface types supported

    • Contact

    • Contactless

    • Dual-interface

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