Acquirer end-to-end demonstration

Acquirer End to End Demonstration (A-ETED) is a Mastercard only confidence test to validate that your terminal implementation accepts Mastercard branded cards in the production environment prior to terminal deployment.

FIME operates the Acquirer ETED test process on behalf of Mastercard. To order your Acquirer ETED test project please contact FIME. 

​Transfering your implementation to the production environment

The transfer of your implementation from the test environment to the production environment opens the potential for errors to be made during the transfer, even though your implementation may have been previously certified in the test environment. The Acquirer ETED was established to provide additional confidence to acquirers about the quality of the implementation transfer prior to live acceptance. 

Initiating an acquirer ETED project

Your Mastercard project manager will provide the information you need to get started. They will confirm whether you must perform Acquirer ETED or whether it is optional. If you will be performing Acquirer ETED, your Mastercard project manager will initiate the project and schedule a test slot.

If you are to perform Acquirer ETED under a Mastercard Chip Implementation Project (CIP), the Acquirer ETED is scheduled following successful completion of the corresponding Mastercard M-TIP Contact and M-TIP Contactless certification.

Acquirer ETED project scope and price

Acquirers place the service order with FIME once the service has been scheduled. The scope and price of your Acquirer ETED project may vary depending on the terminal implementation to be tested and your test requirements: 
  • Testing is limited to one iteration of tests on a maximum of 3 (three) terminal performed within one day

  • Additional on-site test days may be added

  • Test slot cancellation/re-schedules may incur cancellation fees