Level 2 payment terminal compliance test tool

Get your product approved faster

The payment market is evolving rapidly. The ability to bring solutions to market efficiently is the key to providing customers with state-of-the-art products, ensuring seamless contact and contactless transactions, and safeguarding security for end-users. In order for solutions to be approved quickly and efficiently, kernel developers, mPOS and terminal manufacturers must ensure that they comply with the latest specifications.  

The most comprehensive and qualified test tool

With strong experience in the payments industry and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant standardisation bodies, FIME developed EVAL to ensure the complete validation of your products.

EVAL allows you to validate the functional compliance of your terminals against the most extensive range of payment schemes available in the market: American Express, Discover Network, eftpos, EMVCo, Gemalto, Idemia, Interac, JCB, Mastercard, RuPay, UnionPay and Visa specifications.

Components and test suites

EVAL is built around three main components

  • EVAL platform: a software engine which drives a card simulator.

  • EVAL libraries: different libraries which fully meet authorities’ requirements and address terminal application kernel interoperability.

  • EVAL box: a hardware device which enables communications with contact and contactless terminals.


Contact terminal testing:

  • EMVCo - EMV Contact

Contactless terminal testing:

  • American Express - Expresspay / C4

  • Discover Network - D-PAS & Zip Payment / C6

  • eftpos

  • EMVCo - Book B Entry Point

  • Gemalto (PURE)

  • Idemia (WISE)

  • Interac

  • JCB - J/Speedy / C5

  • Mastercard - Mastercard Contactless (with Automation) / C2

  • RuPay - qSPARC

  • UnionPay - QuickPass Overseas & Global / C7

  • Visa - payWave (not qualified by Visa)


Ensure readiness of your terminal for payment scheme approval

Technical Specifications

  • Set-up your environment and hardware communication parameters.

  • Load the test library you require.

  • Set Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) options.

  • Select the test case lists you want to launch (single test, a group of tests or a complete session).

  • Display test processing.

  • Automate your test sessions.

  • Generate test reports in EMVCo format for approval submission.

  • Analyse your test logs.

  • Export logs.

What's in the box? 

EVAL Box - FIME Card Emulator is delivered in a well-protected suitcase which includes:

  • One device of FIME Card Emulator

  • One USB cable

  • One USB dongle (optional for EVAL platform)

  • Physical card deck holder (optional for more than 10 performance cards)

What is the FIME Card Emulator? 

It is a compact dual-interface card emulator and card reader in a single USB powered device.

It can be used with all EVAL Libraries to perform terminal Level 2 testing for all global payment schemes and most of domestic payment schemes.

Key benefits

  • Test with an officially qualified test tool, as used in accredited laboratories.

  • Use just one tool for all your terminal Level 2 approvals.

  • Reduce time to market with internal testing.

  • Save time by automating test sessions.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use tool.

  • Execution of selected test cases.

  • Automated report generation.

  • Easily upgradable and scalable.

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