PersevalPro Issuer

Personalization validation tool for EMV

Card Personalization Validation preparation

Payment networks personalization validation is a mandatory step in an EMV product launch project, this task has to be planned beforehand as it can be difficult to prepare a card profile which fits issuers’ business requirements.

Before presenting an EMV card or a mobile payment application for brand certification, testers have to ensure that the personalization of the payment application meet the EMVCo specification and the brand requirements.

PersevalPro Issuer, our multi-brand Personalization Validation Tool (PVT), helps Issuers, cards manufacturers and personalization bureaus prepare cards and contactless devices for the personalization validation testing required by payment networks.

Automate your Personalization Validation testing

Fime can help accelerate the certification and launch of your EMV cards and NFC devices by allowing you to test in-house and eliminate the delays and expenses associated with certification rejections.

PersevalPro fully automates your testing projects and helps testers detect, understand and correct errors, prior to submission to the payment brands for card personalization validation.

EMV cards and mobile payment applications testers can use PersevalPro to retrieve personalization data and tags instantly and detect the parameters which are not in line with the payment scheme specifications.

This significantly reduces the delays and expense associated with certification failures.

Multi-brand platform and test libraries 

PersevalPro is co-developed with Barnes International. By using PersevalPro, card testers will be able to validate the card personalization of contact, contactless and dual interface cards, as well as mobile payment application.   

Personalization validation testing  

Speed up the launch of your EMV cards and contactless devices

Instantaneous tests

When a card has been tested the main display will show a card outline with the embossing data. A result summary shows PASS or FAIL; in case of FAIL, the errors are shown with comments explaining what caused the failure.

Different test reports levels

  • Details tree: displays green check marks and red crosses for passed and failed tests

  • Engineering logs: shows communication between card reader and payment application in APDU level

  • Test reports: displays all the tests performed

Links between the reports and corresponding sections in brands specifications allow expert and non-expert users to quickly locate areas of concern.

Key benefits
The tool is officially qualified against the latest test tool requirements from ATH, CUP, Discover, eftpos, GIE-CB, GIMAC, Interac, JCB, Mastercard, NETS, RuPay, Troy and Visa.

  • Retrieve all EMV and brands tags values in few seconds.

  • Accelerate the time to market for EMV products by automating your testing phase.

  • Fit your testing needs: PersevalPro is based on a flexible architecture which allows test scenarii to be easily added and updated.

  • Test your card profile against any predefined profile.

  • The user-friendly tool is suitable for both EMV experts and novices.

  • Benefit from continuously updated test libraries to always be in line withbrands updates.

  • Trustworthy tool as Fime’s accredited laboratories usePersevalPro as part of its CPV services.

  • It supports international & domestic payment brands.


Key features

Tests capabilities  

  • Multi-brand AID tests.

  • Multi-application tests.

  • EMV transaction simulation to test a profile.

  • Card profile tests against any pre-defined profile.

  • Cryptographic key management.

  • ARQC & ARPC tests.

  • Issuer scripts management.

  • EMV SDA, DDA and CDA control.

  • Terminal simulation.

  • HSM connection capabilities.

  • Custom scenario creation.

  • Facility to compare two card image files.

  • Test physical cards and card images.

Test reports

  • 3 report levels with offer test summaries and information on individual fails.

  • Hyperlinks between errors, tests reports and the results tree.

  • Export capabilities for test results, profiles andtest logs.

  • Test result export in txt, html and rtf formats.

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