Level 1 contact terminal testing

Get your POS product approved faster

Interoperability between payment terminals and contact smart cards is essential across the payment schemes. All POS products need to be compliant with the latest specifications from standards body, EMVCo.

Meeting these standards and achieving this interoperability can often be a complex process. Carrying out internal testing ensures a smooth certification process, saving time and money by avoiding issues at the approval stage, maximizing time to market.

​A comprehensive test tool

FIME’s specialist tool, EMVeriPOS, has been designed specifically to provide complete, automated validation of your payment terminal’s protocol components against EMV Level 1, enhancing global interoperability.

The tool is used during the development process for internal testing prior to submission for formal certification.

EMVeriPOS allows you to optimize your certification.

Components and test suite

EMVeriPOS comes with extensive protocol library.

Key benefits

  • Test everywhere you want. (BLE + embedded memory + lithium-polymere battery)

  • Use it for payment, transport, identity, IoT, peer-to-peer and access control.

  • Capture the transaction easier than before.

Key  features

  • Captures and interprets ISO / IEC 14443 RF protocol and ISO / IEC 7816 contact protocol.

  • Provides multiple views of the transaction (image of the signal, L1 / L2 protocol and timing logs).

  • Use embedded behavior script to benefit from the Probe+ autocontrolled advantage (coming next).

Ensure your terminal is ready 
for EMVCo certification

Technical specifications

POS settings

  • Store all reader data related to the Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS).

  • Select scripts for automatic test session.

Test session

  • Manage the execution of multiple scripts.

  • Generate complete test reports with detailed results.


  • T=0 or T=1 protocol exchanges.

  • Calculate and generate graphic presentation of timings.

  • Warning and error display.

  • Magnetic cursor management.

What’s in the box?

The test suite comes with all necessary hardware and accessories to run the tests.

  • Installation software.

  • KEOLABS ContactLab emulator.

  • A USB token for product license.


FIME EMVeriPOS flyer

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