Security approval and certification for smartcard/secure element

        ​Why choose Fime?

        Fime can help you improve the security of your smartcard/Secure Element, including your NFC application, platform and Integrated Circuit. Thanks to our partnership with a Security laboratory, Fime can also help you with security testing and evaluation against AFSCM, Common Criteria, GlobalPlatform, GSMA, payment scheme or bespoke security requirements.

        서비스 내용

        Thanks to Fime’s partnership with a Security laboratory, we provide support for security evaluation, to demonstrate your product’s compliance with recognized security standards. It includes both software and hardware penetration testing.

        Fime security testing support services cover well known standards as well as private schemes:
        • AFSCM  (프랑스 모바일 비접촉협회)

        • American Express

        • Common Criteria

        • Discover

        • EMVCo

        • French Government First-grade Security Certification (CSPN)

        • GlobalPlatform

        • GSMA

        • JCB

        • MasterCard Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (CAST)

        • Visa Chip Security Program (VCSP).

        당사는 인가된 보안 시험소와의 파트너십을 통한 보안평가 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 보안시험소는 고객에게 세부적인 평가결과를 공유하고, 특히 보안 결함 발생에 대해 정확히 안내하여 고객이 제품을 이에 맞춰 수정할 수 있도록 지원합니다. 추가로, FIME은 제품의 신규 버전 제품에 대한 최적화된   Delta evaluation 을 제공합니다. 

        FIME은 프랑스 모바일 비접촉협회(AFSCM : French Mobile Contactless Services Association)의 인가를 받아 필요한 보안수준에 맞출 수 있도록  스마트카드지갑, 안드로이드 및 윈도우 스마트폰 어플 등에 전문적인 보안 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 해당 서비스는 이동통신사업자 및 NFC 서비스업체에 제공됩니다. 

        그리고 이동통신사업자 및 NFC 서비스업체들은 신속하고 가성비가 좋은 방식으로 NFC 어플리케이션에 대한  보안검증을 해야 합니다.

        Sensitive applications, such as mobile payments, e-identity and e-signatures, have to achieve security certification. Basic applications, such as loyalty, rewards and couponing are less sensitive, but any weakness in these applications can threaten the security of the platform and / or other apps. It is best practice to ensure that basic applications enforce some security rules, some of which can be derived from the platform security guidance, especially once the platform is certified.

        Fime also provides monitoring tools to record and analyze communications between cards and readers (Smartspy™ Contact, Smartspy™ Contactless).

        이와 더불어, 어플리케이션 개발자, 서비스 업체, 은행 등을 위해  Host Card Emulation (HCE)에 대한 보안 평가를 제공하며, 칩 제조사 및 스마트폰 제조사를 위해 Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)에 대한 보안 평가를 제공합니다.  

        * Official Common Criteria and payment scheme security evaluation services are provided by an accredited partner. For EMVCo and Visa security testing, Fime will help with the administrative aspects related to working with the accredited partner. 

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