Ensuring payment regulation compliance for mobile device, mobile payment application, and fingerprint sensor

In the rapidly evolving and expanding mobile device market, protecting your users and their data is essential to maintaining the integrity of your brand. This is why ensuring security and interoperability through product certification is so important.

As any player looking to expand internationally, it is imperative that your payment products and solutions align with regional requirements and work as expected when in the hands of the consumer - wherever they are in the world.

FIME solutions

  • Training to provide an overview and introduction to the payments ecosystem.

  • RF design engineering, consultancy and debug testing services to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards.

  • Flexible testing services with fast-track options.

  • Spy trace services and issue analysis consultancy.

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Your challenges

  • Remaining competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

  • Supporting and integrating with the Giant Pays.

  • Ensuring a sound device design and high performance from the start of projects.

  • Reducing time to market.

  • Effectively troubleshooting and resolving technical issues.

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Card / Mobile 공인 시험 장비 (Performance) 

Card / Mobile 공인 시험 장비 (Functional) 

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