Savvi Test Host

Acquirer and acceptance test host

Test host for terminal integration

Managing terminal-integration testing and certification is challenging, especially when multi-brand acceptance is required. Host log management and test efficiency are considerable challenges for acquirer host managers and testers.

  • How do you optimize the test efficiency for different brands?

  • How long does it take you to book a test slot with acquirers or payment brands?

  • How long do you spend retrieving and sending host logs to your remote testers?

  • How do your testers get host logs back and match these big files with each individual test case?

  • How does your host log management process impact tester iteration time?

Many of these challenges can be simplified by selecting a test host optimized for terminal integration.

Streamline your test environment

By using Savvi Test Host with Savvi Test Platform, acquirers can optimize the efficiency of the complete terminal-integration test environment.

Savvi Test Host automatically delivers host logs to remote testers without the intervention of the acquirer host manager. In fact, once Savvi Test Host has been configured, nearly all host and user administration is removed.

Remote testers receive instant results, even when using online brand test hosts. Host logs are automatically retrieved, uploaded, matched and analysed by Savvi Test Platform.

Components and test suites

Savvi Test Host is an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use multi-brand test host which implements network and issuer response profiles complying with payment system test requirements.

Response profiles are organized in test suites and they are qualified by payment systems except when no qualification process exists. Savvi Test Host supports test suites for the global brands (American Express, China UnionPay, Discover Network / Diners Club International, Mastercard, Pulse, UnionPay International and Visa).

Savvi Test Host is optimised for use with Savvi Test Platform, either with Savvi Softcards or FIME Test Cards. Maintenance support is available so you can remain compliant with the latest test requirements from the payment systems.

Please refer to the below flyer to get the available test suites.

Test host optimized for terminal integration 

Acquirer test environment


The Savvi Test Host tool environment

Terminal integration simplified for all brands

Key benefits

  • Test host optimised for terminal integration.

  • Reduce host log and host user administration time.

  • Automates administration of test sessions for remote users.

  • Automates remote user retrieval of host logs.

  • Reduce certification project time.

  • Easy connection to Savvi Test Host from Savvi Test Platform.

  • Simple to configure and use.

  • Wide range of test media supported via Savvi Test Platform

    • Physical test cards

    • Programmable test cards

    • Card emulator

  • Total automation with FIME Card Emulator, Savvi Test Platform and Savvi Test Host.

  • Qualified by payment systems.

  • Based on 10+ years expertise in terminal-integration testing and certification.


Key features

Issuer and network simulator  

  • Authorization message format verification.

  • ARQC validation.

  • PIN and PIN block validation.

  • ARPC and issuer script generation.

  • Network protocols (ISO8583 based)

    • American Express Global Credit Authorization

    • China UnionPay bankcard interoperability

    • Discover Network Authorization

    • Diners Club International Xpress

    • Mastercard Customer Interface Specification

    • Mastercard Single Message System

    • PULSE ISO8583 (1987)

    • Visa BASE 1, Visa SMS

    • UnionPay Internationalbankcard interoperability

  • EBCDIC/ASCII auto-detection.

  • Network connection: TCP/IP

Test session management

  • Support for multiple test project sessions.

  • Support for multiple payment system host simulators.

  • Real-time display of host simulator logs.

  • Remote and automatic host log retrieval:

    • from SAVVI Test Platform, via TCP/IP connection

    • connection based on user accounts (login/password)

  • User level presentation of network messages.

  • View and export host logs (TITF & FIME file formats).

Customer Edition Mode

  • Customization of existing response profiles

  • Modification and creation of Chip Key Set

  • Edition of the PIN Encription Key

  • Copy and modification of a test case profile

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